"Vianor" - Nokian tyres

The name Vianor comes from Latin words Via Nor that mean "Northern road".
Company Vianor was established by Nokian Tyres as chain of tires and automotive service centers. Vianor is the professional company in the tire and automotive service that understands and specializes in the manufacture and sales of products focused on winter and summer conditions. Tires and auto service all is offered easily, quickly and reliably. Vianor has locations owned and partner tire centers in the US America, Europe and CIS coutries.

The Nokian Tyres -owned Vianor is a global tire and car service chain. They offer full service of tire business covering all customer groups, products and car services. Vianor is the biggest chain of tire stores in the Nordic countries. In year-end 2012, the chain comprised 1,037 outlets in 26 countries. 


Wissol Auto Express signed a long term contract with Total, one of the world's major oil and gas groups based in France in 2010 and became an exclusive importer of the company lubricants in Georgia. Therefore, since 2012 Wissol AutoExpress sells Total and its daughter company FINA high quality French lubricants throughout country at the company service centres.   Total operates its business in 130 countries with  the help of 96 400 employees and its sales reach158. 7 billion Euros per year.


SOGEFI, an Italian Group, is a worldwide leader in the automotive parts industry,specialising in engine systems and flexible suspensions components.  SOGEFI is a partner to the world's most important car manufacturers. The Company has a global presence: 46 plants, in 16 countries, across 5 continents. The leader in its core business in both Europe and South America, SOGEFI is active in both the original equipment (OE) sector, and the original and independent replacement markets (OES and IAM). Wissol Auto Express has signed contract with Sogefi Group in January 2012 and became distributor of Fram, Purflux and Coopers Fiaam filters in the territory of Georgia. 

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Wissol Auto Express is an exclusive importer and distributor of API Italian Products to Georgia. Italian Lubricants from API will be available at Auto Express chain in April 2012 . Italian API is one of the leading independent oil groups in integrated downstream and power generation. API covers all the downstream activities from supplying, trading of crude oil, refining, to storage and distribution having 85 years of experience in energy sector. The refinery of Falconara Marittima is one of the most modern and technologically advanced refineries in the world. API is in lead position along the Adriatic coast.


The Company has a long, robust history, which began when a group of explorers and merchants established the Pacific Coast Oil Co. on Sept. 10, 1879. Over the years it has grown from a San Francisco-based company with a five-state market in the Western United States to a major corporation whose subsidiaries conduct business. Its fundamental purpose is: to provide the energy that drives human progress. 

Chevron is a leader in refining, fuels, lubricants and additives. The gained experience and creativity bring energy to consumers efficiently. Gasoline and refined products are sold under the Chevron, Texaco and Caltex brands.

Vianor Service Centers offer lubricants and additives under brand Texaco, including products for both diesel and fuel engines.

For thirty years, ABS has been renowned as the brakes specialist in the Netherlands. This status has spread far beyond the country's borders. But not only is its status continuing to grow. The company has also expanded its product range!

Since 2004, ABS has successfully specialized in steering and suspension parts. ABS is renowned as a specialist because it can supply all brake, steering and suspension parts for passenger cars. That is not all, however. ABS is also ISO 9001:2008 certified, possesses all technical expertise and is flexible.

Valeo is one of the world’s leading automotive suppliers.

Since 1923 Valeo serves its customers around the world and fulfills their demands most effectively in 29 countries and works closely with the major global automakers on all their markets. This ensures that the group is able to rise to the challenges of the market by tailoring its approach at a global and/or local level, as necessary, in its relations with automakers. Valeo applies it strategy in line with a policy of sustainable development.


Exide Technologies has a rich history spanning more than 120 years in the battery business; Iits history began with the foundation of the company by W.W. Gibbs in 1888. With countless contributions to the growth of technology, its story, reflects the spirit of innovation and resilience at its best.

Today, Exide Technologies serves the complex stored energy considering needs of customers around the globe, providing services and systems that enhance vehicle performance. As a global leader, Exide has operations in more than 80 countries and has 33 manufacturing plants in 11 countries world wide. 
Exide offers a full assortment of batteries delivering a multitude of applications.  These products are made to fit automotive, truck, heavy-duty, commercial, marine, lawn & garden as well as many other niche applications.

Exide products are sold under several brands including Absolyte, Centra, Deta and Tudor.

Deta and Tudor brands are available in the Vianor Service Centers.


Deldo is one of the largest tire distributors in Europe. Deldo’s head office and central warehouse, with an area of almost 60,000m2, are situated in the dynamic port of Antwerp (Belgium).

Deldo supplies all well-known premium brand tires in the following categories:

  • Car tires
  • Commercial Van tires
  • 4 x 4 tires
  • SUV tires
  • Truck tires
  • The products also include a wide range of both summer and winter tires. 

In addition to its premium labels Deldo offers an interesting package of private (Minerva and Fortuna) and exclusive labels (Wanli, Roadstone and Rockstone). Thanks to continuous (quality) developmentand investment all products meet European standards.

Imperial is a new brand of the company, which is available in the Vianor Service Centers.

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